Friday, September 15, 2006

Of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Red Devil

Sunday is a special day for EPL football fans. 4 teams which were on top of the table for season 04/05 will compete with each other in one single night. How great is that?

Liverpool vs Chelsea ( ESPN, 8.30pm)
Manchester United vs Arsenal ( also ESPN, 11.00pm)

Oh my god, I am so looking forward for that night more than any other festival or even my girlfriend’s birthday. But I prefer more if Man U is against Chelsea because both teams are on form since this season kicks off. But anyway The Reds come face to face is still fun to watch…

My prediction :
Liverpool vs Chelsea – Chelsea wins, maybe 2-0 because Arjen Robben dives again, and Lampard doesn't take the penalty, ha ha..
Man U vs Arsenal – Man U wins, erm 1-nil, I don’t know, Arsenal hasn’t win any EPL games yet.

Nevertheless I will still support captain fantastic, presenting….

Wonder what are they talking about…
Benitez : Use your elbow against those bastard divers, serve them right!
Gerrard : …

What say you my fellow football fans blogger, different idea from mine?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

how to make 59 millions US dollar out of suicide

I read this report on The Star online. A mental health officer of WHO, Dr. Jose Manoel Bertolote revealed to reporters at a U.N. seminar that the number of people that die from suicide is more than that from wars or murders.

According to his study, some 20 million to 60 million try to kill themselves every year but only one million of these people succeed. Wooo…so many people actually failed to die. For business-minded person, I would like to suggest you to start a firm, a registered one, to offer services to people who want to commit suicide. We can give our customers advices on which building to jump, which storey, or what kind of ropes to use. And most important, how to get their act done without any problems. Problems like disturbance from firemen, crying siblings and persuading friends.

You can make a lot of income, just imagine, almost 59 million peoples fail to commit suicide every year. Let’s do the math, we charge each person a minimum of one dollar…

Ha ha ha – my evil mind works well today.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Airasia just head-butted MAS

While reading our newspaper this week, I’ve found out that there is some kind of cold war going on out there between our low-cost carriers, Airasia and government’s favorite son, Malaysia Airlines System(MAS) .
Maybe I’m not in the position to side any of them since I’m not fully understand what’s heating them up. But still I want to share something from my head.

I think that Airasia should change the way they attract customer because it is so confusing and doubtful. Just check out the proof below

I tell you what, look at the price a trip to Jakarta from Kuala Lumpur, yes your eyes are not wrong, it is RM 38.80 and the actual price is a lot more higher than that.A trip to Kuala Terengganu by a shabby bus costs you already almost RM 30, and trip to Jakarta is only 8 bucks higher than that! And when you call them for a booking, than be shocked when the operator will inform that they have to add this and that taxes and the actual price is well above 38.80.

On the other hand, MAS is like a burden to our government and tax payers. They didn’t able to make profit and government has to squeeze brain to give them a helping hand. Government had gave the a mount of billions compensation to keep them breathing and control Airasia from overtaking them, under excuse of “ to build a strong airlines industry in Malaysia (a.k.a Bolehland among bloggers.). I heard rumors that MAS lost a huge amount after they sponsored Siti Nurhaliza for her performance at Royal Albert Hall, London.Hmmm….maybe they are not good at managing a business, already not have enough financial source, but still want to sponsor that. Maybe that’s why some of their workers already took some desperate measure to get money. I’m referring to court case of three stewardess got caughton camera doing ehem-ehem things in bed.

Moral : for both airlines, be good to your customers..ha ha ha.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

the singing Hilton

OMG…I can’t believe this, the Hilton did it again, and this time she’s even singing. Like her appearance in thriller movie “ The House Wax”, I don’t expect anything great from her song or worse her album.


Can she really sing? Nah I don’t think so, she just knows how to spend money, singing? I don’t think so, wait a minute, have you heard her song….
Err….i have….so how is it?.....(gulp)…actually it was nice.
Yes her song sounds good and you guys will like it after listening to it. But this is subjective. Anyway if you haven’t heard it before, just listen to or just simply download from the net. WARNING : Just download song, not the video clip. Song + Video clip package is not good, totally not matching.

Title : Stars are blind
Star : 9
Genre : bubble gum Reggae + Gwen Steffany’s style
How about the video clip : what more can you expect from this chick, sexy bikini, beach
With a tough guy, a little robotic Crouch dance, sexy poses
with handsome guy….
Good or Not? :
Top 5 request at Z100/NY and KISS/Los Angeles, in less than a week.
The clip was quickly posted by users of, where 10,000 people per hour viewed it that day

A lucky dog, look at his face, stupid dog.

Mama, my song is on radio. Hik 3X

On the way to buy ice cubes for Abschiedparty :

101 : Be, who sings this song?
Abe : Gwen Steffany right?
101 : maybe…

End of song…

Rudy of : That was stars are blind from paris Hilton bla…bla….bla….
101 : huh?

P/s – celebrities are not role model, don’t admire them too much, don’t be to obsessive with cute face, nice body or what so ever.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

mawi and siti mahu kahwin, so...?

Lately there is a lot of hot news about love relationship of local celebrities. For fan of those celebrities they are having their good time reading and enjoying the story written about their idol in newpapers, tabloids or in internet itself. For me, this situation is annoying and but yet, still I admit that it is sometimes entertaining. We get to read about famous people and how stupid they are in making decisions. Hmm well maybe their fame has taken it’s toll on them. It is the price you have to pay to be famous.

Anyway story about them appear on the front page of local newspaper. For the publishers, it is a perfect time to increase the sales of their products, that’s why we see such rubbish on our newspaper’s front page everyday. Think about it, is those story worth a while for peoples. What do we get from reading it? There are still a lot more other serious things to be talked about for examples, issues about cost to clean 4 polluted rivers in johore itself is almost 4 millions and 70% of customers at lucky draw shops is Malay. This kind of things should appear on the front-page instead of cheap love story so that people like me can be more aware of what is going on around us. What can I benefit by reading “ Datuk K mahu kahwini Siti” or “ Mawi dah tak suka Ina” or “Artis meletup kahwin Julai”. Seriously I am worry of myself because I am more interested in reading such story, yes maybe I should blame myself but don’t put such story in limelight then. When no one brings our attention to such story, then we will not be interested and perhaps we can be more attracted to more serious issues, which concern ourselves or future of our children. If I were a parent, I will be worried when my son ( which suppose to be handsome ) read about celebrities story rather than science books.

That’s all for now.

I owe apologies to fan of mawi and siti

Monday, July 03, 2006

i have been tagged- 4meme, whatever it is, thanks zinpeng, i enjoyed doing ti

Sesape kene tagged ngan aku, sila2 lah gatal2 tangan korang untuk copy soalan2 nih dan jawab di blog korang, seronok beb suka2

4 jobs I would stink at:

  • Malaysian politician – it seems that almost 99.99% Malaysian bloggers would be against me and my decisions. And they will make fun of me on their blog.
  • Reality TV hosts – I’m not good at giving my viewers sense of emotional. Crying part is fake on such programs
  • Romance novelist
  • Sport commentator

4 nicknames I’m making up for myself:

  • Man of steel
  • Hamba Allah
  • Cute_lonely_guy86 – haha, many female chatters will have false impression based on this nick.
  • Steven Gerrard – why not

4 movies I can watch over & over:

  • Scary movie 4
  • Emytville horror – probably the best horror movie I have ever watched
  • The new police story – the best from jacky chan
  • Run Lola Run – I like movies from europe

4 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time:

  • I don’t drink

4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:

  • Hat Nyai
  • Berlin
  • Pulau Sipadan
  • Bali

4 things I love to do on weekends:

  • Hang out with girlfriend who spends her money without having any doubts
  • Join recycling campaign – I’m an environmentalist
  • Spend time surrounded by nature- beach, waterfall, rainforest….
  • To reorganize my life, my wardrobe, etc

4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:

  • Fazura of gol&gincu
  • Jojo
  • Elyana
  • Any member from S.H.E

4 objects I could not live without:

  • Spectacles
  • My cloths and wears – seriously
  • Electronic media – I don’t want to be another “katak dibawah tempurung”
  • My wallet- it is not about materialistic, it’s more to sentimental value

4 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have:

  • Satria Neo – I support local product + this car looks good
  • Sony mp3 player
  • A good laptop with wireless and Bluetooth, fast internet connection, dvd player, burner, good sound system, huge memory storage…is it too much?
  • An interpreter – a gadget which enables me to speak and understand any language in the world, wahhh I’m dying for such gadget

4 wannabe celebrities tagged(nop wat guane nih chinpeng,aku tarak reti la):

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I’m writing this after I came across a blog named blog-it-out. I like their idea (there are six bloggers ) of Malaysia Blogsphere. So here's for you guys.

1) Your first experience in blogging :

  • When? How?
  • January 2003, how? I just registered with blogspot.
  • What inspired you to start blogging?
  • After I watched a movie stared by Hillary Duff, entitled “the perfect man”.
  • Are there any specific purposes to blog?
  • Nope, I just love to read them, so instead of being a passive reader, I turned myself into a blogger too.Plus I can interact with other bloggers

2) Difficulties faced when blogging :

  • Are you able to express yourself fully without consequences?
  • No, my engish competency is not good, I always have problem.
  • What are your concerns when you blog?
  • What are my potential readers looking forward when they read . And some originality.

3) How has blogging influenced your life?

  • Is it a top priority in your list? Or have nothing changed at all?
  • No, I doesnot change my life a lot, I blog for fun, to have new friend and just for a hobby.
  • How does people around you (friends and family) react to your blog?
  • They make fun of my silly writings, but I don’t care though, I’m in the process of learning and my friend Chin Peng is there.

4) What do you think of the Malaysian blogging community?

  • Do you know any bloggers other than the people close to you, i.e. family, friends, colleagues etc?
  • Yes but not too many. I’m a frequent visitor of Petaling street
  • Are you part of any blogging groups/community such as Project Petaling Street?
  • Yes, only PPS
  • If your answer is yes, what are the pros and cons of joining such a community?
  • I can share my thoughts with more people, voice out my opinions when I think that people are writing wrong things, For me blogging is underground source of informations and television and newspaper are the mainstream

reopen of 9/11

told you Bush is just lying to people on earth. How come everybody just blame the so called Muslim terrorists for all the bombings and killings. Bush did that too and the worse part is, he killed his own people and the makes up a story and happily he attacks and invades another country.Reopen of 9/11 is about a bunch of experts from USA who is trying to prove to people that the person who planed the attacks on 9th september was George W.Bush and the also prove how he covers up the whole evidences so that most of us believe that arabic people was responsible for that attacks.In case you are clueless about what i'm saying, check this out and remember..the true terrorist that we really have to fear is a man called George Bush.